Project Understanding Knitters

Some of our wonderful knitters and crocheters at Project Understanding!



Sisters Together


Nyela with her her very firs HairBand!


Nyela with PotHolders for her family abroad!


“Matching my Knitting Bag”!

Kevin’s Monkey Sweater and BlueBird!

Project Understanding Knitting for Mother’s Day

Another wonderful Fundraising Event with Project Understanding and First Friday in Ventura, California. We have knitters and crocheters ranging from 8 – 60 years old. They are fabulous, and what a special community we have created with our coming together to knit and crochets. Healing, Smiles, Joy, Laughter all around. And we get to share our beautiful work, raise funds for Project Understanding and ourselves at the same time!

Project Understanding Easter Knits

We had such a fabulous time knitting and crocheting for Project Understanding’s Easter Fundraiser. They did AMAZING and raised money for the Program as well for themselves!