Prototypes Art Blanket

One of our clients from Prototypes Women’s Center crocheted this free-form art blanket.  She used a very mindful, meditative process.  She worked with whatever yarn was available to her and made the most of it, letting the pattern unfold as seemed fit in the moment.
Our client crocheted this blanket for herself and her children as a way to heal her relationship with her kids, stitching everyone back together, safe and warm under one blanket.
This is what Knitting in Recovery does: uses knitting and crochet to help our clients make and maintain positive changes in their lives.  It is a beautiful thing when we can see our mission being fulfilled so clearly.

Basking in Yarn Love

There is nothing more wonderful than basking in all the yarn that has been donated to our program. Like Dinah says: “It is like being in Heaven for me”! What a joy to watch her laugh and roll around in all the yarn we receive from the lovely ladies at Twist Yarns in Manhattan Beach. Dinah has come along way in her recovery and is experiencing the magical gifts of sobriety. She is dedicated to helping others experience what she is so fortunate to have!