Turning Point Knits for babies in Alaska

We have a wonderful lady, Ladonna, who is and mazing crocheter and knitter. Her heart is so big and she is so dedicated to send off as many items as she can for the babies in shelters in Alaska. It is amazing what one person can do, and we are so very very proud of Ladonna, her continuous support to help others, and healing herself in the midst of it all!

Turning Point Community Scarf


Each one of us knitters and crocheters at Turning Point Foundation knit or crocheted a square for a beautiful scarf we gave to one of our clients that was moving up north. One of our ladies also knit a matching hat for her.

Thank you for a wonderful time together. We wish you the very best in your new home, and may you always remember us with warmth and love when you wear your hat and scarf!

Turning Point’s Community Baby Blanket


Beautiful baby in a Beautiful Baby Blanket!

Clients from Turning Point Foundation each knit or crocheted a square, we crocheted them all together so the newly arrived baby, can feel the warmth and love from all of us