Turning Point Knits for babies in Alaska

We have a wonderful lady, Ladonna, who is and mazing crocheter and knitter. Her heart is so big and she is so dedicated to send off as many items as she can for the babies in shelters in Alaska. It is amazing what one person can do, and we are so very very proud of Ladonna, her continuous support to help others, and healing herself in the midst of it all!

The Sum of All Donations

Donations 2015 - 2

Thank You to Luanne Pontbriant and Jacquie Lober for helping to sort, write cards and package all the knit and crochet donations to the various shelters and programs we have adopted. We delivered to Help of Ojai, Project Understanding, Ojai Valley Family Shelter, Casa Serena and several shelters in Alaska and Canada.

Lots of nice fuzzy, warm knits with lots of love in every stitch!

Summit Day Alaska

So wonderful to be able to donate blankets free for the taking. So many worthy programs in Alaska with a great need for warmth, love, compassion. The invisible bond between Ojai and Alaska just keeps strengthening!

Knitting for Alaska

Luanne's Blanket 2.jpg

This is one of my favorite Baby Blankets that is being sent to the women and children in Shelters in Alaska and British Columbia that our Women in Recovery group has adopted

Luanne's Blanket 3

Knitted with the Loving Hands and Tender Heart of Luanne Pontbriant, some little baby will be very safe, warm and extra loved!

Luanne's Blanket 1

Knitting for Alaska


Here is a beautiful picture of one of the moms at one of the shelters in Alaska, wearing a handknit ear warmer from one of our ladies……and her beautiful baby!

They all so appreciate anything we can do to help keep them warm …… the babies, the children and the moms.
It is still minus 40 degrees there, and will continue to be cold through April, when it slowly starts to warm up.

So if you have a few moments to knit a hat it would go a long way. There is love and warmth in every stitch when you knit with someone or a purpose in mind. It transcends beyond keeping them physically warm……it warms their heart and their soul. Whether they “know” it or not……they will feel it!

I do have yarn for you to knit with if you’d like, and would be happy to get it to you!

Also, I have attached  Thank You letters to all of you who have already donated your time and caring from two of the shelters we have provided with hats, scarves, shawls and headbands.

Thank you again so very much!