Find this Basket!

Find this basket!  We hid it somewhere around Ojai.  Once you find it, take a picture of yourself knitting the scarf and post it to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #knittinginrecovery

Once the scarf is finished, it will be donated to a local charity for our less fortunate community members.

If you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @knittinginrecovery


Happy hunting!

Community Scarf Baskets

A new round of community scarf baskets are going out!

The baskets are filled with yarn and knitting needles and are set up in various locations around Ojai.  Community members are invited to sit and knit as much or little as they would like and then leave the basket for the next person to knit along.  Knitters of all levels are encouraged to join, and all knitting stitches and designs are welcome!

Keep an eye out for these baskets around town!  Once you find one, post a picture of yourself knitting the scarf on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #knittinginrecovery

We always end up with some truly one-of-a-kind collaborative pieces:


Once the scarves are finished, they are donated to local homeless shelters to keep our less-fortunate community members warm and loved during the colder months.


Community Scarf Baskets, Oct 2016

October, 2016, Knitting in Recovery began another round of community scarf baskets in Ojai.  Baskets of yarn and knitting needles were placed in various locations around town along with instructions for the public to join in and help knit scarves for those in need.


There were ten scarf baskets, each with its own coordinating colors of yarn.


Together we were able to create some very unique, collaborative scarves that were donated to local shelters to keep people warm during the colder months and make them feel loved during the holiday season.