Yarn Bombing at Evolve Outpatient Center

Knitting in Recovery partners with Evolve Outpatient Recovery Center in Camarillo, which treats teens struggling with substance abuse, eating disorders, depression and anxiety.

Bare Tree

Part of the treatment plan at Evolve is to convene daily with nature as a way to actively and mindfully engage in and appreciate the world around us.

Knitting in Recovery integrated this communion with nature with a desire to incorporate fun and play into our lives when we recently had the boys and girls at Evolve’s outpatient center yarn bomb one of the trees outside the facility!

The clients finger crocheted all the chains, made pom poms and crocheted flowers.

Full Tree

People stopped to watch and left with big smiles on their faces.  Knowing that they were bringing happiness into someone’s life made the kids feel really good about the work.

Here’s to spreading love, fun and color to the community!

Yarn Bombing Lady Liberty


This year for Independence Day, Ojai’s knitters and crocheters came together to yarn bomb our own Lady Liberty.  This act of community was our small way to knit the country whole again during this divisive time.  Many thanks to Book Ends for collaborating with us on this project.

Chaparral High School Yarn Bombs Graduation 2017

PomPoms and Garlands Chaparral

Thanks to a generous grant from the Rotary Club of Ojai, Knitting in Recovery was able to partner with Chaparral High School in Ojai to start a knitting and crochet class.  We had a full class of both boys and girls, and everybody participated to the fullest. They learned to crochet, and some of the students, boys as well as girls, took their hooks and yarn with them home to continue working on their project.

For their final project, the class worked as a group to yarn-bomb for their graduation ceremony!

They crocheted beautiful vines and made pom-poms in an array of sizes and in all hues of oranges and greens.

The tree right by the stage was wrapped in a crocheted green and white blanket appliquéd with bright orange knitted squares. All the branches of the tree were dripping with pom-pom flowers and pom-pom fruit. Even in the top of tops there were pom-poms, as some of the boys had really good aim. I think that was their favorite part, and they took great pride in getting them “just right.”

Graduation Chaparral
It made for a bright and festive addition and decoration to the wonderful Graduation Ceremony!

Evolve YarnBombing

Super Fun YarnBombing with the teens at Evolve for The Holidays! They did such a great job, making pom pom’s, crocheting doilies and finger crocheting long vines. It looks so great and is putting smiles on a lot of people’s faces.

YarnBombing for NAMI Ventura

Christine and Blue Pole

NAMI Ventura (National Alliance for Mental Illness) just had their annual Walk at the beach in Ventura to raise awareness on Mental Illness and help break down the stigma.  The clients at Turning Point Foundation spent weeks making pom poms, finger crocheting chains, crocheting flowers and vines to get ready to YarnBomb the city in time for the walk…… spreading joy, fun, color and a lot of smiles to the public. Thousands of people showed up for the every successful event……it was a Happy Day!

There is something very special about contributing to your community……by helping others you help yourself, it’s as simple as that. It’s a beautiful thing to see how many people stop and smile and wonder when we install the yarnbomb……giving us an opportunity to just be of service……making us smile in return……and the clients get to go home with an amazing sense of Self:-)

Here’s the story in pictures from Start to Finish

Red Pom PomBlue Hanging Pom PomBlue:White and Green Pom Pom


FingerCrocheting TurqoiseFingerCrocheting BraceletFinger Crocheting

Yarn Ready for Yarning

Coral and Susan Yarning

Charmaine and Ana Yarning

Lisa Yarning

Man Yarning

Red BenchPink Bench 2







Green Bench 2Blue Bench








Purple PolePurple Pole with SignPurple Pole Close Up


Poles and BenchGreen Pole Close UpFlower Blanket Close Up

Blue Poli with HeartsChristine and Blue Pole





















Blue Pole at Craft Fair

Prototypes Girls YarnBomb for Charity

All Poles

It’s Fabulous, It’s Fun, It’s Fantastic, It’s Yarntastic……some of the words we overheard the day of the Event!


The YarnBombers


The Girls from Prototypes Women’s Center in Oxnard, my friend Christine and I spent an afternoon YarnBombing Ventura Harbor just in time for the 16th Annual Kinetic Sculpture Race benefiting the Turning Point Foundation, an organization that helps to provide services for the homeless and people struggling with mental illness.


Green PolePurple PoleThe Girls


I have been teaching knitting and crocheting at Prototypes for 5 years now, and this was the first time we got to do something “outside” of the house. We YarnBombed six 14 foot poles right smack in the middle of the beautiful Ventura Harbor. People were stopping and taking pictures and asking questions……and the girls were so good at explaining what yarnbombing is and that they were also doing it for a good cause……giving back to their community……


Misha and LauraChristine YarnBombingthe Girls at the Harbor


There’s something about being together, in recovery together, being girls together, creating together, having fun together, giving back together, eating chocolate (shhhhhh) together, putting smiles on other people’s faces……together……

The five of us who were there were somehow chosen to be together this particular day for this particular event……all for different reasons. For one it was unknowingly being sent back to the scene of her old hangout and coming out strengthened, having created new memories of sober fun, laughter and girlfriends. For another it was tapping into yet another source of creativity, and one step closer to finding and realizing her own beautiful potential. One realized that who she was giving back to was indeed the organization that had helped save her life……and one experiencing the true beauty of women in recovery together.


The Girls and Me

For me……yet again I discover the magic that happens when we are together, the grace I continue to receive, the many many ways my life is blessed today……yet again I remember one of my favorite quotes “There is no Me, without You”


Lise and Green

I had to go back the next day and HUG our pole!

Thank You Girls!

Ventura ArtWalk and Knitting Installation……for a Purpose

Ventura ArtWalk Aricia


What a Great Community Event we had here in Ventura California!

Here is what we accomplished in 10 days……
We asked for 12×12 knitted or crocheted squares
One Square……becomes 50 in a week……becomes 150 in 10days……becomes a Communty Patchwork Quilt installed on Michele Chapin’s Fence in time for the ArtWalk……to later become blankets for our homeless♥
Anacapa Square

Squares for ArtWalkAll Squares
……and Prayer Flags blowing the wind……
Back Fence
Front Fence
Ventura ArtWalk Fence and PrayerFlags

After our Community Patchwork Quilt Installation……out of the blue arrives the YarnBombers from Ojai……to add to this FiberFest and colorful Extravaganza in time for the annual ArtWalk……

Ventura ArtWalk Yarnbombing at work
Ventura ArtWalk Cops
I guess they were caught by the local police, but hopefully no harm done in beautifying the world a little……
Ventura ArtWalk Trees
Ventura ArtWalk Tree
Bench and Squares
Ventura ArtWalk Bench and Squares
OXO Blue Square



Ventura ArtWalk Booth

And after all the excitement and fun, Scot and I got to show our work among hundreds of other artists in Ventura. The town was buzzing with art, color, music, food……the whole community in support of the importance of All the Arts.

Ventura ArtWalk Scot and Lise

It’s a Happy Time!

Community Knit Art Project Benefiting our Homeless


Michele Chapin of Stoneworks Studio and Gallery has invited us to decorate and “YarnBomb” the outside of her venue for the upcoming Ventura ArtWalk July 20 and 21……for a Purpose!

We need 12×12 inch knitted and crocheted squares in bright colors. Deadline for finished squares is Friday July 12th. We will be doing the Art Installment Monday July15th.
After the ArtWalk is over we will take down the squares and crochet them together for blankets we donate to the homeless in our community through Turning Point Foundation.

Please visit our Facebook Page “One Stitch at Time – Knitting in Recovery” for continuous information on this project and for different locations to drop off the squares.

Here is The Story of “The Blanket”……how we are all connected to each other……and how we can all help heal each other and ourselves♥

24 HandMade Prayers become a beautiful Blanket consisting of knitted CareSquares in an array of colors and textures. All the squares are crocheted together and finished with a beautiful crocheted trim around the whole blanket enveloping the warmth of all the squares.
The girls at Prototypes Women’s Center knit these prayers and donated the Blanket to Turning Point Foundation for the homeless. In gratitude and wanting to be of service and help someone even less fortunate than themselves.
There is a lot of love in each of these squares, along with the courage it takes for these women to conquer something new, the peace and healing that follows when they fall into a rhythm with their hands and their hearts. The joy and laughter and shared stories that arise when we are in this room together for this one single hour. All this transcends into the square, and then connecting them all together…all the different women, all the different yarns, all the different colors, all the different shapes and
sizes……into one Blanket.
Little HandMade Prayers all bundled up together for someone to lay under and feel Safe and Warm.