Holiday Donations 2016

A major part of Knitting in Recovery’s program is to be of service to others.  It strengthens our community, focuses attention outward, and brings a sense of satisfaction to know that you are helping someone else.

This year for the holidays, men and women from Knotty Knitters of Anacapa, BookEnds Knitters in Ojai, and Knitting in Recovery clients at New Visions, Project Understanding, and Prototypes all participated in knitting and crocheting for charity.

The knitters’ gorgeous goods were sent to Help for Ojai, Ojai Valley Family Shelter, Our Place Shelter (Ventura), Tender Life Maternity Home (Ventura), Veterans Home (Ventura), and Shelters for Abused Women and Children in Alaska.

We hope that everyone who received these gifts feels safe, warm, and loved when they wear them, knowing that someone from Knitting in Recovery cares about their health and well-being.

Baby clothes
All things baby: baby clothes, baby booties, and baby blankets
There are going to be some very stylish and warm babies out there.
Beanies and scarves
Even more beanies and scarves–always needed.
Super cozy and colorful blankets

Project Understanding’s Crocheted Creatures

One of our ladies, Velya, at Project Understanding is an expert crocheter. She comes up with the cutest, most adorable little animals! Crochet has been a very helpful coping strategy for her and her amazing work will soon be featured in our upcoming Knitting in Recovery Etsy Shop!


Project Understanding Knitters

Some of our wonderful knitters and crocheters at Project Understanding!



Sisters Together


Nyela with her her very firs HairBand!


Nyela with PotHolders for her family abroad!


“Matching my Knitting Bag”!

Kevin’s Monkey Sweater and BlueBird!

Blanket of Love


A wonderful woman knit this beautiful chenille blanket and donated to one of our Fundraisers for Project Understanding. The lucky and very happy recipient was our very own crocheter, who had been eyeing it all evening long! A lot of LOVE in that Blanket!

Crocheted Teddy Bear Outfit

One of our young and brand new crocheters from Project Understanding came to class and had made this at home! All I had taught her was chain stitch, single crochet and double crochet. She figured out how to design clothes all by herself. A natural talent!

Nyela's Bear.jpg

Project Understanding Knitting for Mother’s Day

Another wonderful Fundraising Event with Project Understanding and First Friday in Ventura, California. We have knitters and crocheters ranging from 8 – 60 years old. They are fabulous, and what a special community we have created with our coming together to knit and crochets. Healing, Smiles, Joy, Laughter all around. And we get to share our beautiful work, raise funds for Project Understanding and ourselves at the same time!

Project Understanding Easter Knits

We had such a fabulous time knitting and crocheting for Project Understanding’s Easter Fundraiser. They did AMAZING and raised money for the Program as well for themselves!

The Sum of All Donations

Donations 2015 - 2

Thank You to Luanne Pontbriant and Jacquie Lober for helping to sort, write cards and package all the knit and crochet donations to the various shelters and programs we have adopted. We delivered to Help of Ojai, Project Understanding, Ojai Valley Family Shelter, Casa Serena and several shelters in Alaska and Canada.

Lots of nice fuzzy, warm knits with lots of love in every stitch!