Yarn Bombing at Evolve Outpatient Center

Knitting in Recovery partners with Evolve Outpatient Recovery Center in Camarillo, which treats teens struggling with substance abuse, eating disorders, depression and anxiety.

Bare Tree

Part of the treatment plan at Evolve is to convene daily with nature as a way to actively and mindfully engage in and appreciate the world around us.

Knitting in Recovery integrated this communion with nature with a desire to incorporate fun and play into our lives when we recently had the boys and girls at Evolve’s outpatient center yarn bomb one of the trees outside the facility!

The clients finger crocheted all the chains, made pom poms and crocheted flowers.

Full Tree

People stopped to watch and left with big smiles on their faces.  Knowing that they were bringing happiness into someone’s life made the kids feel really good about the work.

Here’s to spreading love, fun and color to the community!

Teaching, Sharing, Giving, Receiving


Beautiful Dinah teaching some of the Turning Point Clients a new stitch. She had just learned it herself, and whipped up two blankets right away. These to lovely ladies are amazing crocheters already, but loved learning this new stitch. Amazing how someone from one rehab center, can come and help others in anther rehab center. I love how we help ourselves by helping others!


Evolve YarnBombing

Super Fun YarnBombing with the teens at Evolve for The Holidays! They did such a great job, making pom pom’s, crocheting doilies and finger crocheting long vines. It looks so great and is putting smiles on a lot of people’s faces.