Project Understanding Knitters

Some of our wonderful knitters and crocheters at Project Understanding!



Sisters Together


Nyela with her her very firs HairBand!


Nyela with PotHolders for her family abroad!


“Matching my Knitting Bag”!

Kevin’s Monkey Sweater and BlueBird!

Turning Point and the Wellness Center Bracelet


I love how the men at Turning Point’s Wellness Center in Oxnard, California participate in our knitting and crochet groups! They all finger crochet these “Wellness Bracelets” in all different colors! For themselves and for their friends!

Ribbons Won at Ventura County Fair 2016

Wonderful clients from Turning Point Foundations New Visions Rehabilitation program all won Ribbons at the Ventura County Fair this year. There were Blue Ribbons for First Prize, Red Ribbons for Second Prize and a slew of Honorable Mention Ribbons!

Congratulations Girls! You Rock! So proud of you!

Teaching, Sharing, Giving, Receiving


Beautiful Dinah teaching some of the Turning Point Clients a new stitch. She had just learned it herself, and whipped up two blankets right away. These to lovely ladies are amazing crocheters already, but loved learning this new stitch. Amazing how someone from one rehab center, can come and help others in anther rehab center. I love how we help ourselves by helping others!