Turning Point makes Ruthie Marks Shawl


We received a wonderful Yarn Donation from Basha Kooler, Kooler Designs and Ruthie Marks Crochet Pattern Book! Ladonna crocheted this beautiful Wrap for Turning Point’s Program Manager Kalie from one of the designs!

Thank You so much, Basha and Ruthie, with people like you life is beautiful!

Happy Birthday to Me

Surprise Birthday Party for me, from the Turning Point Clients! So much FUN! They made me this fabulous Poncho and Hat, decorated our room and served tea and muffins! I can’t tell you all how much I love them. They make my life so rich!


And here is a fabulous knit beanie with braids by Chamane and modeled by Kathy!



Project Understanding’s Crocheted Creatures

One of our ladies, Velya, at Project Understanding is an expert crocheter. She comes up with the cutest, most adorable little animals! Crochet has been a very helpful coping strategy for her and her amazing work will soon be featured in our upcoming Knitting in Recovery Etsy Shop!


Project Understanding Knitters

Some of our wonderful knitters and crocheters at Project Understanding!



Sisters Together


Nyela with her her very firs HairBand!


Nyela with PotHolders for her family abroad!


“Matching my Knitting Bag”!

Kevin’s Monkey Sweater and BlueBird!

Turning Point and the Wellness Center Bracelet


I love how the men at Turning Point’s Wellness Center in Oxnard, California participate in our knitting and crochet groups! They all finger crochet these “Wellness Bracelets” in all different colors! For themselves and for their friends!

Ribbons Won at Ventura County Fair 2016

Wonderful clients from Turning Point Foundations New Visions Rehabilitation program all won Ribbons at the Ventura County Fair this year. There were Blue Ribbons for First Prize, Red Ribbons for Second Prize and a slew of Honorable Mention Ribbons!

Congratulations Girls! You Rock! So proud of you!