Recovery – Body, Mind and Spirit

Dove and Yarn

We have all heard the words, Body, Mind and Spirit. We know they describe aspects of a human being, but do we really stop to think about what these words really mean and their profound impact on our lives?

If there is a Body, Mind and Spirit connection, it must be true that anything directly affecting a person in one of these areas, must affect all other other areas as well. A disease affecting the body must also affect the mind and the spirit. A dis-ease that affects the mind must also affect the body and the spirit.

We are whole human beings and our component parts, while seeming unrelated are intimately connected.

Sustained recovery can only occur when a person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health are addressed. The body, mind and spirit are connected and disease affecting one of these areas must affect all other parts of the person.


Cleanse and Nourish Your Body

Quiet and Focus Your Mind

Renew and Awaken Your Spirit”

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