Basking in Yarn Love

There is nothing more wonderful than basking in all the yarn that has been donated to our program. Like Dinah says: “It is like being in Heaven for me”! What a joy to watch her laugh and roll around in all the yarn we receive from the lovely ladies at Twist Yarns in Manhattan Beach. Dinah has come along way in her recovery and is experiencing the magical gifts of sobriety. She is dedicated to helping others experience what she is so fortunate to have!

2 thoughts on “Basking in Yarn Love”

  1. Hi, my name is Paige, and I just graduated from rehab May 8th in Lansing Mi. While I was in rehab I noticed a couple older women in rehab who were circle knitting and crocheting where my 25 year old self became interested and sat down and demanded, “teach me some old lady sheeit!” >:D and I’ve been crocheting ever since! We called it our old lady club and we were all fighting over yarn and crochet needles by the time I left! We loved it 😱 it was our favorite thing ever. The only thing I can makes is scarves, hats and one kind of 1 pocket over-the-shoulder purse but I haven’t stopped trying to learn yet! 💗


    1. Dear Paige!
      Congratulations! How wonderful!
      And what a wonderful story. I am so happy for you. Knitting and crocheting is for sure helping a lot of people in recovery. Keep on crocheting. I always bring my knitting or crocheting everywhere I go. Especially if I know I will be in emotionally stressful situations. Just a couple of minutes of crocheting will help me calm down and help me breathe better.
      I would love to stay in touch. We have a Knitting in Recovery Facebook book page as well.
      Hugs and Love to You❤️


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